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Meryem uzerli was born on 12 august 1983 in kassel, west germany. Hurrem achieved power and influenced the politics of the ottoman empire through her husband, playing an active role in the affairs of the empire. Dec 11, 2019 mahidevran and prince mustafa are looking for revenge on hurrem. Hurrem remained in the sultan s court for the rest of her life and had six children with him, including the future sultan selim ii. Sultan suleyman is aware of what happened in the harem when he was sick. Drama mera sultan episode 140 the magnificent century youtube. Suleyman lived on until 1566 and was succeeded as ottoman emperor by selim ii, sometimes known as the sot, a weak ruler who was nonetheless roxelanas last surviving son. She was the first imperial consort to receive the title haseki sultan. At the age of twentysix, when he began his reign, sultan suleiman aimed to make the ottomans invincible, building a realm more powerful and extensive than that of alexander the great. Dec 10, 2019 mera sultan episode 141 urdu dubbed mera sultan. She would bear the sultan five sons one of whom would become the next sultan and a daughter. How will sultan suleyman react to abrahams decision about iskender celebi. The reaction of sultan suleyman to the assassination of abraham with the parga would be very harsh. See more ideas about meryem uzerli, ottoman empire and sultan suleyman.

Dubbed from a turkish show called muhte em yuzyil the magnificent century, the drama about the life of ottoman sultan sulaiman i, often known as sulaiman the magnificent, and the slave girl who wins his heart, hurrem sultan, had all the elements of a hit tv show. Roxelana, roxolana, roxelane, rossa, ruziac, known also by her turkish name of hurrem or khourrem, meaning the cheerful one, c. Episode summary guide hareem al sultan season 3 episode 67. However, roxelana overcame great odds and became suleimans wife. Hatice argues how come hurrem speaks with her in this insulting way. Her father, huseyin, is turkish and her mother ursula, who is also an actress, is german, so she has joint turkishgerman nationality. At the age of 26 he became the 10th sultan of the empire in 1520 and is known as kanuni, the lawgiver, in his homeland, but for europeans he has always been suleyman the magnificent. But solomon learns that isabella is not in the palace. Nov 19, 20 five years back the term urdu dubbed dramas may sound odd to your ears because there were no concept of such entertainment but after the screening of ishqemanoon this concept has been changed. Drama mera sultan episode 9 the magnificent century youtube.

Magnificent century with the new part of the star on wednesday. Sultan suleyman does not want to believe what is said about hurrem. On hearing the formula of rising to the level of the queen by becoming the love interest of the sultan and giving him a son, hurrem started the mission. The young suleiman received news of his succession to the throne during a hunting party in. During selims reign, the influence of the harem often overshadowed that of the grand vizier, resulting in the socalled sultanate. Sultan suleiman also known as suleiman the magnificent is wellknown sultan as being the conqueror of belgrade, rhodes and for being the first ottoman ruler who besieged vienna. B ut when she got to the sultan s palace, the sultan, who was supposed to be her enemy, actually fell deeply in love with gentle, wise and profound princess olivera making her his new wife and his favourite in the harem. Will nigar confess to hatice sultan that he and ibrahim are living.

Hurrem sultan was born in ruthenia in western ukraine, which was under the rule of the kingdom of poland at the time. It was built at the request of hurrem sultan roxelana, the wife of sultan suleiman the magnificent in the 16th century 15561557 ad. There was tv series in turkey, telling this story of suleiman and hurrem with all the. Learning the relationship between abraham and nigar valide sultan is on the verge of a critical. In the 2003 tv miniseries, hurrem sultan, she was played by turkish actress and singer gulben ergen. Thereafter, she was known as roxelane, which means the. In his first encounters, mahidevran puts his attitude towards the.

She was a young girl who was captured by slave traders and became a concubine in suleimans harem. Sep 26, 2017 roxelana was an unlikely candidate to have made a mark in history. Mera sultan episode 180 desirulez the peterson family. Drama mera sultan episode 140 the magnificent century. In his last words, efsun confessed to poisoning sehzade by the order of hurrem.

He ruled for 46 years, and during this time sultan. Hurrem arrives at the end of his plans to send princess isabella out of the palace. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Artist fahir atakoglu and aytekin atas and soner akal. Episode summary guide hareem al sultan season 3 episode 65. She remained there for 12 years, managing to save her own country and to win over the heart of the man whose father has.

Therefore hurrem says it must be painful for hatice to get to know that a normal slave girl has risen up to take the room of the sultans mother. A late and sad casualty of istanbuls pivotal family tragedy, beyazit was actually a son of suleiman the magnificents favorite wife, the freed ukrainian slave hurrem sultan or roxelana. Hurrem sultan article about hurrem sultan by the free. He ruled for 46 years, and during this time sultan suleiman became the greatest warrior and ruler of both east and west. It is based on the life of ottoman sultan suleiman the magnificent, the longestreigning sultan of the ottoman empire, and his wife hurrem sultan, a slave girl who became sultan. Hurrem sultan became an exception so she was exempted from the rules that are applied to harem girls, this also caused lots of conflicts in daily palace life. A complete source of entertainment, watch free online drama, videos and shows, watch free live channels. I m the actor\\director in turkish dramas a very famous actress i like to share many things about me even my name is meryem uzerli. Famous turkish drama mera sultan watch episode 141 on october 4 20 clips. Here i wont be telling his political and military success, i want to write about their love story with hurrem. Dec 28, 2014 this pin was discovered by style and chic. She is one of the girls that they found on their way to the old castle and have been brought to topkapi.

Suleiman accedes the throne and becomes the ottoman empires newest sultan. Dec 10, 2017 watch mera sultan episode 31 video dailymotion sira khawaja on dailymotion. Apr 19, 2014 turkish tv series magnificent century, serials turkish magnificent. Until that time, all ottoman sehzades left for the districts that they were appointed to as governors with their mothers. Sultan suleiman is a turkish historical television series. Hurrem sultan suleimans true love history of royal women. The only son of selim i, suleyman i was born on november 6th 1494 at trabzon black sea coast of turkey.

Mar 10, 20 who is hurrem sultan, roxelana, hoyam sultana posted on march 10, 20 august 9, 2017 by boutique ottoman hurrem haseki sultan was the wife and haseki sultan of suleiman the magnificent and mother of sehzade mehmed, mihrimah sultan,selim ii, sehzade beyazit and sehzade cihangir. Breaking with ottoman tradition, suleiman married hurrem, making her his legal wife. Slave girl alexandra is being transported across the black sea to istanbul. Mahidevran and prince mustafa are looking for revenge on hurrem. Mar 01, 20 muhtesem yuzyil season 3 episode 67 or episode 4. The ayasofya hurrem sultan hamam in istanbul was designed and built by mimar sinan, the chief ottoman architect. Entertainment is beyond the language barrier and now it is further proved by the historic success of mera sultan. Efsun is about to cause the death of prince sehzade mustafa. Mihrimah was the beloved daughter of sultan suleyman the magnificent and the only sister to his five sons from his beloved hurrem. Jan 14, 2015 hurrem sultan early life modern sources do not contain information on roxelanas childhood, limiting themselves to information about her polish, rusyn, or ukrainian ethnic origin, and mentioning the kingdom of poland as her birthplace. Hurrem trying to calm down asks her to leave that room and gets a reply that she shall leave instead. Watch online series harim soltan episode 1 now free in online tv.

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